How To Engage Your Children With Spelling!

Yesterday, we looked at some of the reasons that children struggle with spelling. Today, I have added a few strategies to use when learning words which will hopefully support your children with their spelling. Have fun!

Spelling Activities.

1. Write out each word each day using the Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check method.

2. Build a word pyramid for each of your words.

3. Write each word out as many times as you can in one minute in best handwriting. Cursive is recommended for this because it is continuous and aids muscle memory BUT it does not work for everyone! If this is causing a blockage for your child, don’t force them. Neat, legible handwriting which enables them to communicate is the most important.

4. Find three synonyms for each word on your spelling list. The online thesaurus is great for this.

5. Find three antonyms for each word on your spelling list. The online thesaurus is great for this too.

6. Choose four words from your list. Use a dictionary to write a definition for each of these four words.

7. Write a sentence for each of these four words. Make sure that each sentence contains at least one of the following:

a. a relative clause,

b. a fronted adverbial

c. an expanded noun phrase,

d. parenthesis.

8. Write a silly story using all your spelling words for this week.

9. Make up a rhyme to help you remember the order of the letters using each letter as the first letter of a word. e.g. because - Big Elephants Can Always Upset Small Elephants.

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