Maths Is Fun!

Those of us who enjoy teaching maths know that it can be fun but unfortunately that is not the experience of many children today. Too often, pressure to cover the curriculum or to meet targets, means that children are rushed through concepts without gaining a real understanding or either the subject knowledge or how it connects to other areas of learning. In my weekly online interactive maths teaching groups, the focus is on seeing and doing, questioning and having a go. Through a range of games,short activities and clear modelling, my aim is to build the children's confidence and show them that maths is fun. As a former maths teacher, maths education lecturer and Numeracy Adviser, I have had the privilege to work with both children and teachers to help them understand and make sense of mathematical concepts and to give them the confidence to investigate, question and explore this fascinating subject. My next set of group teaching sessions start on Thursday 25th March for children aged 7 - 9 and 9 - 11. Further details of these and all my other courses and tutor sessions are available via my website

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