Overcoming challenges!

So today, my website went live and this, for me, is a major achievement. An ex teacher, I have had no IT training so getting this, hopefully, to a stage where parents can book my services online is a MAJOR achievement. Let's hope it works. On a deeper level however, I started to think about the whole learning process. This, for me, has been a challenge. There were new skills to learn, new knowledge to apply and at times it appeared that I would never get there. That's what learning can be like for many children if we don't break the learning journey down into achievable steps and celebrate each and every achievement. Children thrive on success and need to feel that they are making progress. Success motivates and yet we have an education system that constantly compares children against a pre established standard that is set ridiculously high for the majority. We need to celebrate where they are now on the way to where we they are going and let them know how well they are doing. Spread that positive praise particularly when they are facing a challenging situation.

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