The Importance of Teaching Children to Think.

Teaching children that it is ok to have time to think is crucial to effective learning. There is such pressure in the school curriculum to cover everything that sometimes this valuable skill is overlooked. Less is certainly more when it comes to achieving depth and quality in learning. When we give children time to think, we allow them time to process, to make the necessary connections in their learning, to form their own views and opinions and simply to make sense of new facts and information. How we as educators structure thinking time is key. At times, all that is needed is space but at other times, carefully structured and appropriately timed questions make explicit what is implicit in the learning situation or task. Many children need to be taught how to think - what questions to ask themselves - what is important to focus on? Like any other area of learning, this needs to be scaffolded until the children have the confidence to move forward on their own.

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