Time Spent on Handwriting - valuable or a waste of time?

Handwriting and Presentation.

How often do we give children the opportunity to present their work well? In my early days as a teacher, good quality written work was always written out in on beautifully bordered paper and presented in the classroom or around the school. This valued not only the work that had gone into the piece of writing but also the quality of the presentation. So often today, we rush onto the next task and the opportunity to celebrate is lost. Presenting work well has the following benefits:

  1. it encourages a good standard of handwriting;

  2. its values handwriting as a skill;

  3. it encourages children to present their work well;

  4. it provides opportunities for children to be creative in their presentation;

  5. it provides an audience for the children;

  6. it raises self esteem;

  7. it promotes high standards of presentation in general;

  8. it showcases excellent work in a high-profile manner.

If your child has developed a beautiful handwriting style or they have made significant improvements recently, why not share their work in the group?

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