Time-stables? No problem!

I have spent most of my working life teaching children and what I am going to share with you today has helped countless numbers of children improve their working knowledge of times tables facts and increased their confidence in mathematics.

Each week the children were given a sheet of multiplication questions. Each sheet had 150 questions printed out in 5 columns and a bar chart. The bar chart had dates on the bottom with two bars being labelled for each week. The children worked through the questions, not missing any out, for 3 minutes. At the end of the three minutes they counted up how many they had completed and recorded that amount on the bar chart. We then continued with the questions for another 3 minutes. At the end of the second period of 3 minutes, the bar chart was coloured in again on the next column.

Then, we marked them. When marking was complete, the children counted up how many correct answers they had achieved and crisscrossed over the first column on the bar chart so that they could see how many they had done and how many they had got right. This was repeated for the second column on the bar chart.

If the children were getting everything that they did right, their challenge was to increase their speed.

If the children were getting a lot wrong, their challenge was to increase the number of correct answers.

If the children had not done very many at all, their challenge was to look at the question that they had got stuck on and to learn that fact or facts in that time-stable over the next week.

If the children were completing the whole sheet in the time given, their challenge was to improve the time taken to complete the whole sheet.

The purpose of the graph was to give each child a visual representation of their progress. Each week we celebrated those children whose graphs were moving in an upward direction from left to right so everyone had a chance to celebrate improvement at whatever stage they were at.

I have put this resource together which can be purchase from my website – usual price is £2 but for the next week, it can be purchased for just £1!

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