What is a Thesaurus and What does it do?

A thesaurus is a book

of words with the same or nearly the same meanings, (synonyms), and their opposites, (antonyms), A Thesaurus is a great resource for developing vocabulary and excitement about new words. Use them to find words that are overused and explore all the possibilities listed. This will extend vocabulary in a fun way. There are lots of child friendly thesaurus’ available on the market or you could introduce your child to an online version.

As children become more proficient with the use of adjectives, the challenge is to make good choices about the words used. To do this, look up the word in a thesaurus and substitute it with others listed. Although these are all synonyms, some will work better in that context. Talk to the children to encourage them to make choices about which one works best and why to develop their skills in this area. Make a list of new words and try to use them in a) conversation and b) written work that week.

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